In July 2015, City Council passed a revised compost ordinance that allows community gardens to accept compostable material generated offsite, increases the volume of compost permitted at community gardens and urban farms, and removes the in-vessel requirement for some compost operations.  We are currently working to put the new ordinance into action, and create a simple and accessible registration portal for gardens looking to expand under the new legislation.  For the most up to date info and to learn about future meetings, join the compost list-serv: “chicagocompost” <>

Below are resources and background information on the City of Chicago compost ordinance and State of IL compost legislation:

Breakdown of City of Chicago Compost Ordinance

New City of Chicago Compost Ordinance Language

Class III Recycling Permit– for urban farms wanting to increase compost volume above 2% of total site acreage

Application to Increase Compost Volume– for community gardens wanting to increase volume to 25 cubic yards

– IL HB2335 *allowed urban farms to increase volume to 2% of total acreage:

– IL HB3319 *allowed landscaping materials and food scrap to be collected from offsite & removes 1/4mile setback:

– City of Chicago compost press release:

– City of Chicago information on increasing compost size:

– City of Chicago composting ordinance :