Licenses and Permits

Urban Farmland Access

Good Food Purchasing Program

Urban Agriculture – Livestock


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Procurement Working Group

Working Group Chair:

Jose Oliva //


  • Pass Good Food Procurement Policy for City of Chicago

License + Permits Working Group

Working Group Co-Chairs:

Megan Klein //
Laurell Sims //


  • Advocate for an Urban Farm License
  • Create a tool-kit for navigating the current permit process for food businesses

Urban Agriculture Policy Working Group

Working Group Co-Chairs:

Lauralyn Clawson //
Roger Cooley //


  • Revisit 2011 zoning amendment regulations re: aquaponics & apiary restrictions
  • Revise Chicago compost regulations to reflect changes at state level
  • Advocate for Urban Livestock Policy

Food Access Working Group

Working Group Chair:

Daniel Block //


  • Evaluate the Chicago Food Plan and create milestones to measure its progress
  • Create a grid of community certified kitchens and food hubs
  • Creation of incentives and awards toward the formation of Community/Private Partnerships to increase food access and accountability
  • Incentivize fresh food small businesses in low food access zones
  • Create a Department of Food Policy with an Associated Advisory Board, to make Chicago a more food secure and healthy city and increase coordination and communication of food policies

Urban Farmland Working Group

Working Group Co-Chairs:

Nate Ela //
Paula Roderick //


  • Create possibility of agricultural use value property tax assessment for urban agriculture land
  • Enhance capacity for rapidly and cheaply assessing site contamination, and compile and disseminate information about known issues
  • Change zoning to allow urban farm use within (some) categories of residential zones
  • Identify available land in and near the city: land info (size, location, condition, etc.), feasibility (zoned right and aldermanic approved), level/type of contamination known (or clean!), water access, etc